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Saturday August 1, 2015
Doors 7:00 pm - Show Promptly at 8:00 pm
4 Square Fitness
990 22nd Ave
Oakland, CA (near Alameda)

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GODZILLA: A MUSICAL EMERGENCY will be presented in an Oakland warehouse.

Volunteers will be needed to help with preparation, life-changing homemade special effects,
and real cleanup of carefully controlled pretend monstrous destruction!

Please contact Martin to say you'd like to help out!


We need props, video cameras, and somebody in a costume to destroy cardboard buildings!

Click HERE for more info on our SFX needs and volunteer opportunities!


A video projector will display the visual backdrop for each scene, along with minimal, subtitled dialogue.
Video screens will be visible to performers, who can read dialogue from the subtitles like a teleprompter.

Click here to view/download Godzilla Storyboard slides. (10MB PDF)

These "Storyboard Slides" show 36 numbered scenes, including the evening intro and "The End".

The slides in this PDF will change somewhat for the live performance, with "SFX" slides replaced by video action scenes performed live.


See below for video links & info.

The story for GODZILLA: A MUSICAL EMERGENCY is based on the original 1954 Godzilla movie.
In 1959, that movie was re-edited to include new scenes featuring Raymond Burr for American audiences.

In short, the original version is more compelling, since the re-edited version strains
to keep the story focused on an American hero who isn't in any of the important scenes.

Our goal is to honor and respect the drama behind the original story,
while also celebrating all that Godzilla has come to represent in the culture.

Therefore, Raymond Burr and other associates of Godzilla may be included in our show,
but they're not the focus of the story.

If you'd like the story to be slightly changed to better fit your song idea, let's discuss!

Further details about each scene will be posted throughout this month.


Many options for screening the original movie can be found by Googling 'Godzilla 1954 streaming' or 'Gojira 1954 streaming'.

The 1954 Godzilla, or Gojira, is available subtitled or sometimes dubbed.

It's available through Hulu Plus.

I believe the subtitled version can be streamed free if you have Amazon prime, but regardless it's for rent via Amazon.

Youtube has also started a pay-per-view service, so it's $4 to watch here.

The Criterion Collection put out a version on disc.

Netflix’ new website makes it hard to find stuff, but the DVD can be found under the name 'Gojira'.

(Some of these links may require a login)

In 1956 the movie was drastically re-edited to add Raymond Burr as a white protagonist for American audiences.
Released as 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters', it mangles the movie and few scenes are intact,
but it's such an iconic bit of clever-yet-pointless revision that it may be worth seeing as a reference.

It's also available on DVD from Netflix.

All songs and recordings for this show will be copyright 2015 by their respective composers.
All rights are reserved.