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Possible Musical Moments for


Every scene from GODZILLA: A MUSICAL EMERGENCY is listed below.
Songwriters (that's YOU!) "claim" sections and create original songs
(parodies are OK too)
to bring our story to musical life!

Email Martin and let me know which section you want to write!
Is your desired section already taken? Contact Martin and we'll work something out...

Bold sections have (probably) not yet been chosen
Sections in italics are already claimed

1. (Lani) - A peaceful salvage ship is destroyed by a mysterious force off the coast of Japan.

2. Hideto receives a phone call about the disaster and cancels his date with Emiko. Hideto will join Emiko's father, Professor Yamane, at the Coast Guard office.

3. News broadcast: The coast guard has met with Paleontologist Professor Kyohei Yamane in a desperate search for answers.

4. Professor Yamane is briefed on the attacks by coast guard officials.

5. (Craig) - Another ship is destroyed off the coast.

6. Newspaper headlines describe mysterious shipwrecks.

7. (Deb/DVB) - Villagers pull survivors from the water. An old man believes the attacks are the work of the ancient monster known as Godzilla.

8. (Deb) - The village is attacked by a giant, mysterious creature.


10. Yamane, Emiko and Hideto visit the village, where they find giant footprints, radiation, and evidence of creatures thought extinct.

11. (The Lizard Barons [formerly Rufus and the Reptiles]) - The monster emerges from over the hill and sends the villagers fleeing in terror.

12. (Evan & Martin) - Professor Yamane lectures the public council about his findings.

13. TV news broadcast about the panic striking the country.

14. Navy ships explode depth charges off the coast.

15. Government officials ask Yamane how to kill the creature. Yamane is distraught: he does not want such a rare creature destroyed.

16. Emiko is betrothed to the eyepatch-wearing Dr. Serizawa, but Hideto wants to ask Professor Yamane for Emiko's hand in marriage.

17. A reporter arrives and asks Emiko to introduce him to Dr. Serizawa. She agrees, saying she'll break off the engagement at the same time.

18. (Mark & Carol) - At his lab, Serizawa denies having any weapon that could kill Godzilla. When the reporter leaves, Serizawa shows Emiko his terrifying invention, swearing her to secrecy.

19. (Dan) - Godzilla attacks the city, destroying buildings and lifting up a train.

20. Military officials agree to create an electrified fence to fight off Godzilla.

21. Hideto plans to ask Yamane for Emiko's hand in marriage. When Hideto says Godzilla must be killed, however, Yamane banishes Hideto from the house.

22. (Evan, Martin) - Godzilla attacks the city, melting the electified fence with his radiation breath.

23. TV news broadcast about the monster's wrath.

24. (Lani) - Emiko tells Hideto about Serizawa's terrible invention: the Oxygen Destroyer. In a flashback, Serizawa explains how he hid his invention to save the human race from its destructive power.

25. Hideto and Emiko visit Serizawa, asking the inventor to help destroy Godzilla.

26. (Johnny & Donna)Inspired by a hopeful children's choir, Serizawa agrees to use his weapon. He destroys his notes to prevent it from ever being used again.

27. On board a navy ship, Serizawa and Hideto put on diving suits to deploy the weapon.

28. (Dennis) - Underwater, Serizawa activates his weapon to destroy the creature.

28b. (jD & Logan) - Godzilla perishes in the de-oxygenized water.

29. As Hideto returns to the ship, Serizawa cuts himself loose from his tether. With his last words, he wishes happiness for Emiko and Hideto.

30. On board the ship, all who remain honor Serizawa's sacrifice in defeating Godzilla, and ponder the meaning of the monster's return.

31. The End. (TFT & Ensemble)

All songs and recordings for this show will be copyright 2015 by their respective performers.
All rights are reserved.