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Saturday August 1, 2015
Oakland, CA

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GODZILLA: A MUSICAL EMERGENCY will combine simple acting and musical performances
with video images created live near the projection screen.


A video projector will display the visual backdrop for each scene, along with minimal, subtitled dialogue.
Video screens will be visible to performers, who can read dialogue from the subtitles like a teleprompter.

Click here to view/download Godzilla Storyboard slides. (10MB PDF)

These "Storyboard Slides" show 36 numbered scenes, including the evening intro and "The End".

The slides in this PDF will change somewhat for the live performance, with "SFX" slides replaced by video action scenes performed live.

Here's what we'll need to create this unique video experience:


Item Needed
Godzilla Costume wear while destroying cities
Cardboard city scale of costume, for 2 scenes of destruction
"Electrified" Towers be crushed by monster
Model train ...electric, plastic or cardboard
Small tank ...or basin with ocean picture background
Small model village ...cardboard, plants, etc.
Small "underwater" diorama

...or simple backdrop
2 small toy divers "swim" through diorama
Giant footprint ...made of black paper, about 6" long,
to be discovered on the ground


Item Needed
How Many Needed
Currently Have
Volunteers for setup & cleanup on August 1st 104
Video Cameras to project live performances onto the screen 3 or 42
Video Cameras to record the event from multiple angles 3 or 42
Screen - white cloth, at least 12'8" x 16'3" 1-
Video Switchboard to mix or cut between video inputs 1 -


Ten scenes will require special effects, performed live and projected directly onto the video screen!

Three SFX scenes will use model ships in a small tank, three will take place in a small "underwater" diorama,
one will focus on a small model village, and two will show a cardboard city destroyed by a volunteer in an awesome Godzilla costume.
The costume will make an additional cameo terrifying villagers from behind a hill.

Please contact Martin to say you'd like to help out with planning, building and performing special effects!

Volunteers are needed to create cardboard buildings & small backdrops, wrangle models & basic costumes,
coordinate video cameras and switching technology, etc.

More details of the video can be found here.

Each SFX scene will be one camera shot, i.e. no editing or camera switching.

Ideally, each SFX scene will be informally rehearsed ahead of time.


Scene #
SFX Setup
Which Camera?
2Ocean Ship #1 explodes & sinksTank1
6OceanShip #2 explodes & sinks Tank1
9 VillageBuildings crushed by tail of monster Small Model2
11-BHillside Godzilla appears from behind hillCostume & diorama 3
14Ocean Ship #3 attacked by monsterTank1
19City / train tracks Spotlights shine on Godzilla;
monster attacks train
Costume & Large Model3
23City / power lines Godzilla attacks city;
melts towers with radiation breath, burns city
Costume & Large Model 3
30Underwater Divers descend; Godzilla passes byDiorama 2
32Underwater One diver ascends; the other remains Diorama2
34UnderwaterGodzilla dies in de-oxygenating water Diorama2

A TV reporter will appear on camera for scenes 13 and 24.
Scenes 4, 22 and 14 feature voiceovers.

Camera #1 will be set up by a small tank;
Camera #2 will be set up for small dioramas;
Camera #3 will be used for larger models and TV reporters.