Saturday August 1, 2015
Oakland, CA

Event Space Layout

I'll use the X below as a reference for directions. I'll describe things as if we're facing the "stage" area.

In the below picture, the back wall is lined with mirrors, which in the picture are partially covered with painted paper sheets.

I see this as the stage area, between the wooden beams. The red pipe is 12' 2' high.

I'm hoping we can use a white fabric screen on the wall behind, possibly with risers to create a stage for some scenes.

I'm thinking most musicians can perform in the area to the left, along the wall or a few steps toward the audience.

The cardboard city and all SFX setups can be to the right, where the low shelf of exercise equipment is now.

The below picture shows the area to the left of the "stage". I anticipate the musicians playing to the left of the stage, while the mini-SFX stuff happens to the right of the stage.

We're free to move these exercise bikes and other stuff into the next room (where the weights are) for the show.

I'll recruit extra help for the setup & cleanup.

View looking to the right, showing the front entrance:

There's a second room, with the entrance is to the right of our "stage", and is visible in some pictures.
We'll mostly use that space to store the extra equipment.
This is looking to the right...

...and looking to the left.