The Musical Emergency Temple of Sound

December 2, 2006

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Temple of Sound
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This gathering featured songs written by others and/or created for past Musical Emergencies.
Below, you'll find links to the verbal introductions to each song and to the recordings of the original versions.

Link to Verbal Intro Song & Performer From Which Show? Link to Original Song
Intro Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Willa's original version
Intro Englishmen
Paul A.
Jack & the Beanstalk Original by Evan H.
Intro Fill Up With Rocks & Die
Craig D.
Little Red Riding Hood Original by Patrick W.
Intro She's Dead
Mark H.
Snow White Original by Craig D.
Intro I Need It By Sometime Tonight
Martin A.
Sleeping Beauty Original by Jay K.
Intro Face to Shame the Angels
Dan N.
- -
Intro Buried Alive
Patrick W.
Snow White Original by Unwoman / Erica
Intro Lady Giant
Paul A.
Jack & the Beanstalk Paul's original
Intro Different Me
Dan N.
- -
Intro You Can't Blame a Girl
Martin A.
Snow White Martin's original
Intro Christ The Messiah
Evan H.
- -
Intro Lake Lahontan
j.D. & Dan N.
No-Man, The Musical j.D. & Dan's original
Intro Golden Stair
Evan H.
Rapunzel Evan's original

All songs and recordings for this show are copyright 2006 by their respective performers and writers.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.