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A Musical Emergency

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Doors 7:00 pm - Musical starts 8:00 pm promptly!
Alameda Eagles' Hall
2035 Alameda Ave, Alameda, CA

Songs to be written
Story Script / Music Links
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(Please note: ANYBODY can play ANY ROLE - any sex, any race, etc.

Actors will read off huge teleprompters.

Apart from speaking loudly, the job does NOT require the ability to act.)

Contact Martin if you're interested!

GAV (angry alien)?????
THELEV (villanous alien)Zach

VFX Crew 1?????
VFX Crew 2?????
VFX Crew 3?????
VFX Crew 4?????
VFX Crew 5?????

We'll meet in Alameda the week of Sept 12th to finish making some of these props.
Follow links for blueprints & images, and Contact Martin if you can help!
TURBOLIFT & CORRIDOR On Monday & Wednesday evenings, Sept 12 & 14, we'll meet in Alameda to build & paint 2 very simple cardboard backdrops: a turbolift and a corridor with a red door. Join us & help out!

UNIFORM SHIRTSI have 11 long-sleeve t-shirts which need Federation insignias and gold braids on the sleeves. (3 braids for Kirk, 2 for Spock & McCoy, 1 for Uhura and all security guards, none for Chekov or Nurse Chapel.)

(Scotty has 2 and Sulu has 1, but they're not in this episode...)

Also: 2 of the shirts are XXXL, to be made into dress uniforms for Uhura and Nurse Chapel.

SPACESHIPSFor our astounding LIVE visual FX shots, we'll need cardboard spaceships - preferably 3D, but 2D could work.
(We could also use toys or whatever, but I think it'll be the most fun to have all the models be hand made from cardboard.)

U.S.S. Enterprise (Between 12" and 20" long)

Shuttlecraft (approx. 12" long x 7" wide x 6" high)

Hangar Deck where Shuttlecraft lands. (This needs to be painted INSIDE a box at least 20" long, 12" wide, 12" high, with LIGHTS INSIDE, and open on both ends. As the shuttlecraft flies through space, the box will emerge from around the camera so the shuttlecraft can enter.)

Intruder vessel (your design, approx. 6" square)

Planet Vulcan (orange planet, approx. 18" flat circle)

STAR BACKGROUND We need a star background at least 5 feet square for the spaceships to fly in front of! Easiest to paint white dots on a black sheet, but could also be done on paper, cardboard, or whatever.

PHASERS, COMMUNICATORS, ETC. These aren't seen much in this episode, but they'll be fun to wear and see! Can you make some?

ALIEN COSTUMES We'll need some version of Gav the Tellarite, at least one Andorian, and other random aliens. Can you make one appear on Earth?

SICKBAY PROPS These and other small props will need painting Sept 14-15 in Alameda. Join us & help out!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS / Volunteer Opportunities

Q: Where is this taking place?
At Alameda Eagles' Aerie Hall, 2305 Alameda Ave in Alameda, CA 94501! Contact Martin with any questions!

Q: Can I bring booze?
The venue has a very affordable no-host bar - BUT their license prohibits us from bringing booze.
So leave your booze at home, bring a few bucks, and have a drink! (And help us keep the kids away from the bar!)

Q: What is a Musical Emergency?
A familiar story is broken into scenes which are transformed into songs by several songwriters - possibly including you!

At the Musical Emergency, the story is performed and each song is introduced and heard for the first time. The result: an instant musical!

Q: Can I help without performing a song?!?
YES! We need YOU to do any or all of these:

1) Landing Party! i.e. Read from cue cards! See above!!

2) Battle Stations! i.e. Video Effects! Fly cardboard spaceships! See above!!

3) Engineering! i.e. Video & Stage Crew! Dress in black and move stuff around!!

4) Communications! i.e. Set up & decorate! Help turn a rented hall into a 23rd century space lounge!!

5) Science! i.e. Food! Bring delicious food & (non-alcoholic) drink!

6) Security! i.e. Strike Team! We don't need to clean the hall, but we will need to take down & load out our own equipment, etc.

7) Prime Directive! i.e. AUDIENCE!! Enjoy the show and have a good time! Costumes encouraged!!!

8) Star Fleet Command! The venue cost actual money to rent! Please consider contributing at "Klingon" level ($5), "Romulan" level ($10), "Vulcan" level ($20), or "Organian" level ($50+)!

Please Email Martin to volunteer for any of the above tasks!

And YES, you can do any or all of the above even if you ARE performing a song!

Q: Can I wear my Star Trek uniform / alien / klingon / horta / tribble costume?

Q: Is it okay for kids?
If they're safe around cocktails, raunchy humor and a late night, they'll have a great time!

Q: Who's paying for this?
Everybody I can convince to contribute! See "Star Fleet Command" above for more info.
The Hall is giving us a special rental rate, so please consider chipping in what you can!

Q: Why 'Journey to Babel'?
Of all the Star Trek episodes, this one feels the 'Star-Trekkiest'!

It's set on the Enterprise, features many members of the crew acting like their normal selves, and doesn't herd them into a psychoactive-induced mutiny.

It also includes deep stuff about Vulcans, dozens of aliens, great action and drama, and it's not about a small landing party trapped in Earth's past!

Take us out of orbit, Mister Sulu!!