Songs to be written for
A Musical Emergency

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Doors 7:00 pm - Musical starts 8:00 pm promptly!
Alameda Eagles' Hall
2035 Alameda Ave, Alameda, CA

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1. The Enterprise is orbiting Vulcan, carrying over a hundred interplanetary ambassadors and angry delagates to a crucial negotiation.

2. The Vulcan ambassador, Sarek, is unfriendly to Spock - and yet: Sarek and his human wife Amanda are Spock's parents!

3. (Awesome Orchestra) - OPENING CREDITS: "Space, the final frontier..."

4. (Craig) - Sarek and Spock share another prickly moment as Kirk leads the party through Engineering.

5. When the Vulcans leave, Kirk and Amanda speak frankly about their Vulcan partners. Uhura reports an unknown communication coming from within the ship.

6. (Julia) - At a large reception, a Tellarite named Gav argues with Sarek.

7. (Evan) - McCoy and Amanda have a patronizing conversation about Spock's childhood.

8. (Jay/Evan/Martin) - Kirk and Spock are called to the bridge - an alien ship is trailing the Enterprise. Kirk orders a course to intercept the ship.

9. Sarek and Amanda disagree about how to treat Spock. Sarek is cold but respectful, while Amanda is warm and maternal.

10. The alien vessel threatens the Enterprise before speeding away.

11. (Dave D.) - Gav again confronts Sarek, their political argument now personal. Gav attacks Sarek, who deflects the Tellarite's move. Soon after, Gav is found murdered in a corridor - apparently by an expert Vulcan technique.

12. Kirk and Spock confront Sarek about the murder. Sarek's alibi is weak - but he collapses from a medical condition.

13. (Martin) - On the bridge, Kirk and Spock discuss Sarek's condition and the threat from the aliens, who seem to have an agent on the ship.

14. (Brian M. / Matt M.) - McCoy says Sarek needs a complex operation requiring blood transfusions. Spock volunteers, against his mother's wishes.

15. (The Aman Brothers) - Kirk is attacked in the corridor by an Andorian. Kirk triumphs, barely.

16. With Kirk in sick bay and the attacker in the brig, Spock takes command - now refusing to participate in Sarek's operation. Spock questions the Andorian ambassador, who knows little of the attacker.

17. (Evan/Deb/Jay/Martin) - Amanda demands that Spock cooperate to save Sarek's life. Spock's priority is the ship. Kirk tells McCoy he'll return to the bridge and relieve Spock for the operation.

18. Spock departs for sick bay - but when the alien vessel moves closer, Kirk remains on the bridge. The prisoner is found to have a transmitter. As the operation begins, Spock tries to share information.

19. (Liesa) - The Enterprise and the alien ship exchange fire.

20. The turbulence of the battle threatens both Vulcans in the operation.

21. Kirk questions the prisoner on the bridge. The Captain cuts power to the ship, laying a trap.

22. The Enterprise's attack disarms the alien vessel - which immediately self-destructs. The alien spy then collapses from a self-induced poison.

23. (Paul) - With Sarek doing well and the ship safe, McCoy smugly commands Kirk into bed.

24. (Awesome Orchestra) - Closing credits!

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