Sleeping Beauty - A Musical Emergency

June 8, 2002

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The Songs of Sleeping Beauty
First, a Pre-Show Treat:

Tapeworm Of Love - Logan & JD

. . . .

The Songs of Sleeping Beauty

Royal Lament - Wendy Betts w/ Evan Hunt

Sleeping Beauty - Wendy Betts

The World Is Hard Enough - Evan Hunt

Bad Fairy's Song - Brad Schmidt

Little Girl In The Spiderweb - Martin Azevedo

No Wheels In My Kingdom - Jay Kensinger

Sleep - UNWOMAN (Erica Mulkey)

Sleep (Studio Version) - UNWOMAN (Erica Mulkey)

Biggest Sharpest Thingie In The Forest - Rayne & Jaxy

Need It By Sometime Tonight - Jay Kensinger

The Prince's Hunting Song - Brad Schmidt

All songs and recordings for this show are copyright 2002 by their respective performers.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.