Songs to be written for
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - A Musical Emergency for Radio

July 8, 2017
Doors 7:00 pm - Musical starts 8:00 pm promptly!
Location TBA

Songs to be written
Full Radio Play Script!
We need Voice Actors
& Radio Stage Hands!

Can you help?
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We need VOICE ACTORS to tell our story!


We'll need a few STAGE HANDS to move props around! (It's a radio play, so there aren't many!)

We'll need help with SETUP and CLEANUP!

We'll need POTLUCK VOLUNTEERS to bring tasty FOOD!

And...we'll need a LIVE AUDIENCE! (That's you!)

Contact Martin to volunteer, and/or with any questions about any of the above!

Q: “Musical Emergency - For Radio”? What gives?
A: Imagine: Raiders of the Lost Ark, performed live, as a radio play, with songs, written & sung, by people you know - including, maybe, you!

Q: Will I be delighted & amazed? Will I laugh? Will I cry?
A: Performers will include AWESOME ORCHESTRA, other astounding musicians, hilarious songwriters, sensual tunesmiths, kamikaze experimentalists, daring novices, inevitable mistakes, dazzling lapses of judgment, and lots of stuff that will never be repeated. So, YES, you will!!!

Q: Do I hafta perform a song? Can I just show up and watch?
A: NO!! And YES!! But please bring food! (And wear a costume.)

Q: Can I wear my fedora / leather jacket / vintage suit / snazzy costume?
A: YES!!!!!

Q: Can I invite all my Facebook friends?!?
A: Please DO NOT invite all your Facebook friends. You’re welcome to invite any specific friends who would enjoy the show, but please extend the invite to individuals only – space being the finite frontier, please don’t invite the general public.

Q: Will it be fun for adults? Is it okay for kids?
A: Yes! And yes! It’s a grownup party, but we welcome mature kids who can appreciate action-packed mature radio drama, with show tunes.

Q: Where is this taking place?
A: In a large public hall - details TBA. Contact Martin with any questions!

Q: Can I bring booze?
A: The venue has a very affordable no-host bar - BUT their license prohibits us from bringing booze.
So leave your booze at home, bring a few bucks, and have a drink! (And help us keep the kids away from the bar!)

See you there!


All songs and recordings for this show will be
Copyright 2017 by their respective performers.
All rights for the songs are reserved.