Songs to be written for
A Science/Fiction Musical Emergency

May 10, 2014
Get there 7:30 pm;
Musical starts 8:00 pm sharp!

Sun Gallery
1015 E Street, Hayward, CA

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The Story of
Inherit the Wind Chimes

1. Two neighbors, Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Barrows, angrily face each other in small claims court.

2. Mr. Jenkins has been living in his workshop and renting out his home to make ends meet. He complains that Ms. Barrows has stolen his property from the workshop near the property line - even his pets!

3. Ms. Barrows argues that the workshop is on her property, as confirmed in a recent survey, so the items were hers to take.

4. An inventor announces that the judge has been replaced by a "self-check-out" bench that allows the participants to scan and submit their own evidence, one piece at a time.

5. The machine will bring the insights of science into the courtroom by interpreting each piece of evidence, summarizing its history, and evaluating its meaning to the case.

6. (Evan) - The first piece of evidence, a box of golf balls, is scanned into the machine. The ominous contraption stirs to life and briefly summarizes the history of the universe, starting with the big bang and culminating with this piece of evidence.

7. (Johnny & Donna) - The machine is adjusted and Ms. Barrows enters the second piece of evidence, a landscape painting of the workshop and the surrounding area. The machine explains the formation of our solar system and how the neighborhood came together.

8. (Martin) - Exhibit C is scuba equipment. The machine explains the origin of life on Earth, the creation of our atmosphere, and how Ms. Barrows emerged from a difficult childhood to become a very popular and accomplished young woman.

9. Exhibit D: a pile of fancy marble tiles. The machine explains the periodic table of the elements and all the demanding details that form the world and give substance to our lives.

10. Exhibit E: A radio-controlled model airplane. The machine explains relativity and the difficulty of escaping insane relatives.

11. Exhibit F: A pet octopus in a tank. The machine explains evolution and the unpredictable changes that led Mr. Jenkins into manhood.

12. (Julia & Martin) - Exhibit G: A telescope. The machine tells the story of Copernicus, Keppler, Galileo, and Ms. Barrows' difficult break with her wacky family.

13. Exhibit H: Pictures from a wedding - in which, it turns out, Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Barrows married each other. The machine explains light, darkness, color and shadow.

14. Exhibit I: A bathroom scale. The machine explains Newtonian physics and the ups and downs, actions and reactions of married life.

15. (DVB) - Exhibit J: The pet cat. The machine explains Schroedinger's cat and the gambling problems that got Mr. Jenkins into trouble.

16. Exhibit K: A portable generator. The machine explains Electricity, and Ms. Barrows' infidelities.

17. (Dennis) - Exhibit L: Heirloom china plates. The machine explains Plate tectonics and the shakeup that split the couple.

18. Exhibit M: A shovel - Black holes and the foul mood Mr. Jenkins has been in since his divorce.

19. Exhibit N: A small box of jewelry. The machine explains how precious metals come from supernovae, and Mr. Jenkins worked very hard to buy a gold wedding ring.

20. (Grenold) - Exhibit O: A set of 'Music of the Spheres' wind chimes. The laws of thermodynamics connect the orderly comforts of the past directly to the difficulties of the present.

21. Mr. Jenkins, now seeing things differently, admits the workshop was on Ms. Barrows' property. He asks her forgiveness.

22. Ms. Barrows' perspective changed, she says Mr. Jenkins can stay in the workshop and have his things back.

23. The machine assigns both of them community service and leaves for its golf lesson.



Every detail mentioned above is subject to change.
Songwriters are encouraged to suggest new ideas, evidence, scientific concepts
or plot details not included in the text. Contact Martin to discuss.

Also: Our venue's policy limits the use of copyrighted material, i.e. song parodies.
In short, we’re encouraged to write original words and music.

Song parodies can be performed at the show (and will be recorded), but the venue has asked us
not to publicly share (i.e. YouTube) any video of copyrighted material from this event.
In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to compose an original tune!

Bold sections have (probably) not yet been chosen
Sections in italics are already claimed

Email Martin and let me know which section you want to write.
More than one is okay, but please don't claim more sections than you can write songs

All songs and recordings for this show will be copyright 2014 by their respective performers.
All rights are reserved.