Hansel and Gretel - A Musical Emergency

March 15, 2003

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The Songs of Hansel and Gretel

Dark Dark Times - Heather Weyers (plus Deb Culmer as the woodcutter)

Memo #1 - Craig Demel & Pat Mazzera

Follow the Pebbles - MC Luscious (Melinda Klayperson)

Walking Through The Woods - Cathy Lynch

Memo #2 - Craig Demel & Pat Mazzera

Some Things - Pat

Sing Along - Raven, Logan, jD

Babies, Oh Babies - Rayne & Jaxy

A Young Cuisine - Paul Anderson

Mean Old Women Love To Be Tricked - David, Deb'n' Heather

Dammit Daddy (Cheesy but uninterrupted Studio Version) - Martin Azevedo

Dammit Daddy (Live Crash-And-Burn Version) - Martin Azevedo

All songs and recordings for this show are copyright 2003 by their respective performers.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.