June 1, 2019

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1) (Doug L.) - Los Angeles, 2019. Replicants are slave robots whose only physical weakness is a 4-year-life span. Illegal on Earth, replicants are hunted by a special kind of cop called a Blade Runner.

2) (Allen, et al.) Investigating suspected replicants, Officer Holden administers Voight-Kampff test to (replicant) Leon - ending in gunfire.

3) (L & jD) - Police find Deckard at noodle shop & bring him in.

4) (Crew) - Bryant tells Deckard about escaped replicants (Roy, Leon, Zhora, Pris) & puts him on the case with a threat.

5) (Martin) - Deckard meets Tyrell, and performs Voight-Kampff test on Tyrell's niece, Rachael. She's a replicant - but doesn't know. Implanting memories in replicants makes them easier to manage.

6) Deckard investigates Leon's apartment, finding photos and scales from an animal's skin. Leroy secretly watches, and later tells Roy.

7) (Dan A.) - Roy, Pris and Leon intimidate Dr. Chew - the scientist who designed the replicants' eyes.

8) (Lisa G.) - Deckard returns home - to find Rachael waiting for him. She rejects the idea that she is a replicant.

9) Sebastian meets Pris and invites her into his home.

10) (Craig) - Deckard examines Leon's photos on a special machine.

11) A merchant studies the animal scale under a microscope: it's from a snake.

12) Merchant Abdul Hassan says the snake was sold to Taffy Lewis.
(Scene may be cut for time - contact Martin if you'd like to use it.)

13) Clubowner Taffy Lewis is uncooperative.

14) Deckard calls Rachael on a public phone.

15) (Laura) - Deckard awkwardly confronts Zhora in her dressing room at Taffy's.

16) Zhora attacks Deckard; he chases her through the market and shoots her. Bryant and Gaff meet Deckard at the site of the killing.

17) Leon attacks Deckard, desperate for information on how to outlive his termination date.

18) Rachael shoots Leon.

19) (Jay) - Deckard recovers in his apartment; in an uncomfortable love scene, Rachael faces her life as a replicant.

20) Sebastian arrives home to find Roy with Pris.

21) Roy brings Sebastian to Tyrell's apartment, tricking his way in.

22) (Jay) - Roy confronts Tyrell, gouges Tyrell's eyes out and kills Sebastian.

23) Deckard enters Sebastian's apartment, where Pris fights him to the death. Roy arrives, taunts Deckard and chases him to the roof.

24) Deckard struggles to escape from Roy. Finally, Deckard falls from the roof - when Roy grabs his hand and pulls him to safety.

25) Holding a dove in the rain, Roy reflects on - and accepts - his own inevitable death.

26) (Brendan) - Roy dies and releases the dove.

27) (Deb) - Deckard returns to his apartment, where he finds Rachael. He smuggles her away - only to find that Gaff has been there and allowed her to live.

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