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2/10/2003: Okay, I know, I don't call or write...so, I added an events section, where you'll find MP3s of the one-shot hand-grenade musicals our small collective has been writing and performing every few months. Some of the contributions are very funny, and a few achieve great loveliness.

I had to take down the Peanuts Tarot after the copyright holders asked me to; didn't want to bother trying to present a fair-use defense with no money.

Stay tuned for more writing; I've been cranking more stuff out lately...

2/22/2002: I've at least been updating the columns in the Cant section, which vary a bit but have come out pretty much every week. Recent columns are chapters of my first novel, more or less in order, as I finish them. Hope you like it!

10/22/2001: I put in a Music section featuring MP3s of recordings I've made. Most are songs, recorded with a band or on my own; a few are closer to the "Sound Theater" direction with which I'm hoping to experiment more. Check it out!

Also fixed broken links on the About page.

And...I finally put in a "what's new" page.


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