...is a periodic compilation of my stories, essays, cartoons and complaints; it's observation and autobiography, and usually funny, unless there have been deaths in the family. It's an incubator for everything I haven't written yet. (Several published stories started as ToD entries.) My wife first met me by reading issue #37. I'm currently editing #38 into my first novel.

Shacking up in New York, naked barbarian rites in the desert, orange-haired grandparents building a castle in the sky from old refrigerator parts.
Prayed in a French cathedral, whipped by an Austin dominatrix, pedaled 500 miles with a bad knee; two loves, three countries, four breakdowns, no jobs.

The collapse of Western civilization via bad rock concerts; why all film critics suck; the script I'm never gonna finish

Four funerals and a stalker.
The St. Valentine's Day Masochist; Why Civilization Is Crumbling pt. III; Clown mistakes, KISS, manhood, the true meaning of Christmas, Sex, Plato, more...

Hardcopies of these publications are available; email for more info.

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