Songs & stuff
by Martin Azevedo/Betsy Shebang

Okay, so, this is the funny stuff, and you will love it, dammit!

I decree also that you will enjoy the less funny but very cool stuff in the cool music section. 'Til then:

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Amateur Filmmakers On The Go
Lost In The Funhouse Productions
This is about the making of Joe Sullivan's film "Being Steve", with additional vocals by Jeff Anderson and Joe.
Cameo vocal by Jeff Lester.

Let's All Be Jewish
The first two verses are true; the same really cool rabbi presided over Ben's Bar Mitzvah and my cousin's wedding, and then let us make a film for this song in his temple years later.

Day and Nitrous
I was conscious when my wisdom teeth were pulled out, nitrous oxide used as the anaesthetic. I needed to do my final project for Electronic Music class about something, I chose that. Additional vocals by Evan and Wendy.

The Day After Xmas
You'll like this one if you're a sociopath who values family tradition.

   In God's Classroom   !
You'll like the lyrics.

Short Little Cryin' Song
I think George Jones gets some of the credit for this one.

I'm From England

   Sinead O'Connor    $
Just a list of influences, is all.

L.A. Is My Lady
Pretentious ode to my favorite NY performance artist.

   Nina's Movin' To Texas    !
I wound up on cartoonist Nina Paley's mailing list (it's a long story) when she was living in Santa Cruz; she moved to Texas and sent me a change-of-address card, I sent her this song, she moved to SF and we became friends. Thus creative expression has brought me power and influence.

   The Optimist    !
Listen to the words of this one!
They're sick, obsessive, ugly and painfully revelatory of the human condition!

   Next Big Thing    !

   Love Is A Small Town In The Midwest    !

   Blasphemous Rumours    &
Depeche Hillbilly by Jeb and Jerome.

Yell Like Hell When In Your Cell
This song won something called "The Stupid Song Contest" a few years ago.

Yelp For Help Among The Kelp
This song should have won something called "The Stupid Song Contest" a few years ago.


All works herein Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 or 1996 Beat Them Up, Steal Their Pandas productions, except "Blasphemous Rumours", written by Martin Gore and we had no legal right to do to it what we did to it.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.

Songs marked ! performed by Shebang Sisters:
Martin Azevedo - Vocals, bass, guitar
Jeff Anderson - Vocals, drums
Chris Santella - Lead Guitar, Bass
Karsten Bondy - Rhythm Guitar

All other noises made and recorded by Martin Azevedo except keyboards and lead vocals on & by Greg Jones, other vocals where noted, and various sounds I recorded from the street or off the TV.

Many thanks to Jeff Anderson,Joe Sullivan, Jeff Lester, Evan and Wendy, the people of Pacifica, Santa Cruz, New York, Oakland and San Francisco, John Denver, Leonard Nimoy, Dr. Demento, and anybody who spends some time every day doing something they truly enjoy.

Drive safe and thank you for listening!

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