Songs & Stuff - My 5 Favorites
by Martin Azevedo/Betsy Shebang

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Some of these are still works-in-progress and/or demo recordings,
but I'm so excited about the production and composition that I've posted them for others to hear.
Each of these was done very patiently on cassette 4-track; I'll be doing more studio recording in the future.
Let me know what you think!

Darling Child
I'm very happy with the way the words,
the music and the production work together -
I find it eerie, yet soothing. Hope you agree.

Started with a 5/8 drum loop.
A friend compared it to mid-period Yes.
I've redone the middle section six or seven times.

Man With a Movie Projector
Soundtrack to an upcoming animated film "The Man With A Movie Projector In His Head".

   In God's Classroom
I'm still working out the production of this track, but it's one of my best songs.

Amateur Filmmakers On The Go
Lost In The Funhouse Productions
I'm enormously happy with the backing track - it combines a full rock band, drum machine, samples from classical music, a slowed-down recording of the springs from my desk lamp, and a hectic collage of voices and sounds, all carefully recorded on one cassette 4-track and an ordinary tape deck. Some of the samples were done with analog tape - wait for the right moment, push play - and the desk-lamp-spring recording was dubbed in randomly and fell perfectly into place in the rhythm track all by itself.
Our vocals weren't nearly so rhythmically precise, but they have a fun spirit about them.

It was intended for the soundtrack of a film named Being Steve, the production of which it describes, and which was shot but never completed; writer-director Joe Sullivan later directed Not Famous Yet, which featured Jeffrey M. Anderson (star of Being Steve)

Additional vocals by Jeffrey M. Anderson, Joe Sullivan and special cameo by Jeff Lester.


In God's Classroom performed by Shebang Sisters:
Martin Azevedo - Vocals, bass, guitar
Jeff Anderson - Vocals, drums
Chris Santella - Lead Guitar, Bass
Karsten Bondy - Rhythm Guitar

All other noises made and recorded by Martin Azevedo except for vocals where noted,
and various sounds I recorded from the street or off the TV.

Thanks for listening!

All works herein Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 or 1996 Beat Them Up, Steal Their Pandas Productions.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.

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