About the Temple of Dominoes

The Temple of Dominoes is a home for the work I've done and the work I'm doing.

Notes from the Temple of Dominoes is autobiography, fiction, angry confession and reverent complaint.

ICK is a sketchbook of America's soul, disguised as a pile of angry movie reviews.

Other writings include stories, essays and articles I've written.
Some have been published in magazines or on other websites, some have not.

Music offers MP3 files and information about recordings I've made -
songs recorded with bands or "sound theater" pieces that are either comic, experimental, or both.

More information will be posted soon.

Watch this space, email with any questions, and thank you very much for stopping by...

Martin Azevedo



Martin Azevedo has been published on RollingStone.com and in several magazines in California and Europe.


Thanks for Glenn & Kris for the logo concept and to Ben Lorvan for the graphic design work.



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