...these are friends, artists, stuff I've found, people I've worked with or admired, a few folks who would have killed me if I didn't put in a link to their site and a few who might kill me if they find I did.

When I met Nina, she was a cartoonist with a national following and a fondness for Prozac; now she's a world-class animator, cartoonist and illustrator.

Visit her website and enjoy her cartoons, see previews of her films, find out how film-festival success happens, or hire her to illustrate your ceiling.

When I met Jeffrey M. Anderson, he was acting in small films and performing sketch comedy; now he's reviewing independent film for the San Francisco Examiner, and writing movie scripts. We wrote and filmed Not Famous Yet together in 1997.
Joe Sullivan directed and, with myself and Jeff Anderson, co-wrote and produced Not Famous Yet;this site gives information on all his film and video work.
Carter Brooks is angry without being self rightous - an activist with a sense of humor, perspective and artfulness.
Pat Mazzera is a wonderful San Francisco photographer whose work has appeared in numerous San Francisco and nationwide publications.
That's me in the red.
The home of Vulnavia Queen of Nails, Evilkid Comix,and the great A.V. Phibes: cartoon illustrator, circus performer and human wonder.

When I first met Paul Azevedo, he was my dad. Now he writes The Reactor - a weekly column from the Pacifica Tribune, Pacifica, CA. Plus, he's still my dad.

Hey! Got Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease? Doctor can't make you better? Read this website thoroughly. Your life will improve dramatically.



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