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Below are links to songs I've written and recordings I've made.
Contact me for info about CDs and other recordings.

(Click title to listen)
Darling Child Challenge: Play familiar pattern on guitar tuned wrong way. Guess the original song pattern.
Sinead O'Connor #18 most requested song of the year on KKSM's Oldies & Oddities radio show.
In God's Classroom When life teaches you a lesson, you're not just the student; you're also the chalkboard.
(performed by The Shebang Sisters.)
Amateur Filmmakers
On The Go
Probably the only rap to reference
Sir Run Run Shaw and My Dinner With Andre.
(Performed by Lost In The Funhouse Productions.)
Man With a Movie Projector Soundtrack to the animated film
"The Man With a Movie Projector In His Head".

More recordings are available at the old Temple of Dominoes music page.

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