A Musical Emergency

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Alameda Eagles Aerie
Alameda, CA

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Q: What is a Musical Emergency?
A familiar story is broken into scenes which are transformed into songs
by several songwriters - possibly including you!

At the Musical Emergency, the story is performed and each song is introduced
and heard for the first time. The result - an instant musical!

Q: Do I have to perform?
Nope - you're welcome to just show up and enjoy. (But please bring food/drink.)

Q: Can I bring booze?
The venue has a very affordable no-host bar - BUT their license prohibits us from bringing booze.
So leave the booze at home, bring a few bucks, and have a drink! (And help us keep the kids away from the bar!)

Q: Who’s paying for this?
Everybody I can convince to contribute!
The Eagles Hall is giving us a special rental rate, so please consider chipping in what you can!
See "Rebel Friends" below for more info!

Q: Can I wear my Jedi costume?

Q: Is it safe for kids?
If they're safe around cocktails, raunchy humor and a late night, they'll have a great time.

Q: Is there another way I can help out?
A: Yes!
Please Email Martin to volunteer for several of the following thrilling tasks:

1) BRINGER OF FOOD (please bring yummy things and non-alcoholic drinks!

2) SETTER-UP OF CHAIRS (Please arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 to help set up the room!)

3) VIDEO CAMERAPERSON (my camera, your cinematography!)

4) STRIKE TEAM (we don't need to clean the hall, but we will need to take down our own equipment, etc.)

5) REBEL FRIENDS: The venue cost actual money to rent! Please consider helping to cover costs at one of our Jedi contribution levels: ......Prisoner Transfer from Cell Block $11.38 level (Nine needed)
......We Gotta Find Out Which Cell This Princess of Yours Is In Here It Is $21.87 level (Seven needed)
......We Can Leave As Soon As You’re Ready Docking Bay $94 level (Three needed)