Jack and the Beanstalk - A Musical Emergency

October 11, 2003

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Jack: The Songs
(By The Time We Climbed The Beanstalk)

SONG: "Jack's Mother's Song" - Marty

SONG: "Little Blue Diamond" - Craig Demel

SONG: Erica & Buz

SONG: Cathy Lynch

SONG: Mark Hechim

SONG: Craig Demel & Mom

SONG: "Jack Lacks" - Heather Wyers

SONG: Honolulu Hotties

SONG: Katy

SONG: Matt Vander Sluis

SONG: Evan

SONG: Paul Anderson

SONG: Deb C., Heather, David

SONG: Patrick Wehren

SONG: "The Giant's Wife's Song" - Marty

All songs and recordings for this show are copyright 2003 by their respective performers.
Except for non-profit distribution, all rights are reserved.