February 29, 2019

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1) (jD+L) - Our story begins at the New York Public Library, where a librarian notices some strange activity in the basement.

2) - We meet Peter Venkman, who is administering questionable ESP tests on unwitting college students.

3) (Janie & Brad) - The Ghostbusters - Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Venkman - take their first call, as they learn that there really are ghosts in the basement of the library

4) (Brendan & Cathy) - The three fired parapsychologists decide to go into business; they find the perfect location and get a used ambulance.

5) (Stacy) - The Ghostbusters hire a receptionist.

6) (Craig) - Accountant Louis Tully tells a neighbor how he watches workout videos at 2x speed.

7) (Martin) - We meet Dana Barrett, a musician whose groceries cook themselves on the countertop, as she sees a strange vision in her refrigerator. We first learn of the name "Zuul".

8) (Crew) - The Ghostbusters advertise on late-night TV.

9) (Quartet) - Spengler explains his hobby.

10) - Dana seeks the assistance of the newly-in-business Ghostbuster team. Venkman goes with her to check her apartment, seeing none of the strange phenomena she saw a few days before.

11) (Eric) - The Ghostbusters get their second customer, an upscale hotel. During the course of this job, they destroy the setup for a fancy catered event, and meet everyone's favorite focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm (or perhaps a class 5 full roaming vapor): Slimer.

12) (Quartet) - As the Ghostbusters learn to use their "unlicensed nuclear accelerators", Spengler gives them an important safety tip: don't cross the streams. To the relief of everyone involved, they safely secure Slimer inside their containment unit.

13) - A montage sequence lets us know that business is taking off. The Ghostbusters are appearing on talk shows and gracing magazine convers.

14) (Julia) - Business is booming so the Ghostbusters hire a fourth hand, Winston Zeddemore. Requirements for the job? The new recruit must believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the legend of Atlantis.

15) - We learn more about how the containment system in the fire station works. Although the intricacies of the system are enough to flummox even professional electricians, TL;DR: when the light is green, the trap is clean. The EPA suspects that the Ghostbusters are up to no good, and send Walter Peck to investigate.

16) (Quartet) - Spengler relates an increase in psychokinetic energy in NYC to a very large Twinkie.

17) - Louis has a party down the hall from Dana. Not far away on the roof of their apartment building, guardian "dogs" from another dimension begin to wake.

18) - Down the hall from Louis' party, Dana gets pinned to a chair in her own apartment and dragged into her kitchen, where she confronts beings from an ancient Sumerian apocalyptic cult from another dimension. As this is happening, Louis is chased by a "dog" that nobody else can see.

19) (Eric & Meg) - Venkman heads to Dana's apartment for a date, and learns that there is no Dana, only Zuul. She establishes her new identity as The Gatekeeper by a show of levitation.

20) (Quartet) - Louis is delivered to the Ghostbusters office by the police, where they learn that he is also possessed. Does The Keymaster want any coffee? Yes, have some.

21) - Stantz explains that the architecture of Dana and Louis' building seems to have been intentionally designed to be a conduit for ancient Sumerian activity from another dimension. Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.

22) - The EPA's Walter Peck comes back to the Ghostbusters office with a warrant and an electrician, who reluctantly disables the supernatural containment system. With the containment system disabled, ghosts and ghouls invade New York City, creating a distraction as The Keymaster and The Gatekeeper seek each other. With the city under a supernatural siege, the mayor and his advisers don't know what to do.

23) - (Dan) - Called in by the mayor, Venkman and the other Ghostbusters explain what may happen if they continue to be prevented from assisting by the EPA. For example, canines and felines may cohabitate.

24) - The Keymaster and The Gatekeeper, er, open the gate. The Ghostbusters get clearance to assist the mayor, and are met with a jubilant crowd. They go into the building that's been designed as an interdimensional portal.

25) - The Ghostbusters meet Gozer the Gozerian, and Spokesperson Stantz learns the importance of specific formalities when meeting a deity.

26) (Martin) - The Ghostbusters (almost) clear their minds when instructed to select the form of The Destructor.

27) (B&C) - We meet The Destructor.

28) (B&C) - The Ghostbusters save the city by breaking their rule about crossing the streams of their weapons. Victory!

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