The Frog Prince - A Musical Emergency

May 27, 2006

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The Youngest -Willa

The Frog Pond - Martin

Falling - Wayne

Special Girl - Craig

Frog Day Afternoon - Buz, Erica & Max

Cold Cold Pond - Johnny And

Interspecies Connection - Froggy Anderson
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Croak For Me - Jaxy

Big Leagues - Martin

Patrick Wehren

Toad to Joy - Craig & Pat

Cirque Du Dorques

Mark Hechim

Ian Slattery

A Tad Familiar - Heather Wyers

Commodore Hotel - Matthew Van der Sluis

Modernize Me - Evan

Duke of Earl - Bruce

The Wedding - Cirque du Dorques

The Point of This Story - The King and his Royal Spies
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